SportsEngine Registration: Upper Arlington Junior Baseball Association

2018 Payment


2018 Payment - Please Read This Entire Page!

Half of your 2018 season payment is due by November 1, 2017. Click "Continue" at the bottom of this page to make your first installment. Most of you should already have a login to this site from when you registered for tryouts in June. Be sure to select your correct team when completing the payment registration. If you have any questions as to which team you are on, click this link

On February 1, 2018, the second half of your payment will automatically deduct from the same account you enter today.

8U Gold (Lashutka) -- $450
8U Black (Clark) -- $450
9U Gold (Southworth) -- $500
9U Black (Monnin) -- $500
10U Gold (Burleson) -- $500
10U Black (Dunlap) -- $500
11U Gold (Stephan) -- $600
11U Black (Lee) -- $600
11U Black (Weigman) $600
12U Gold (Ubert) -- $650
12U Black (Stutz) -- $650
13U Gold (Cooper) -- $675
13U Black (Davis) -- $675
14U Gold (Rudolph) -- $675
15U Gold (Koltak) --$700
15U Black (Ray) --$650


Family Discount

If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $50 discount for each additional player you register beyond the first.  In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, you must register all of your family's players in the same session.  After entering your first player, click Review. On the Review page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player." Be sure to click on this link and register your second player. Do not "Continue to Shopping Cart" until all of your family's players are registered.


Please direct questions to:

Steve Geraghty